How Work Can Affect Your Fashion

No matter what type of person you are, there will often be times when your fashion sense and the current trends collide. For a period of time, you will be running with the latest fashion until something else comes along. Though everyone tries to look up to date, there are times when this is not practical. Most of the time, this will be when you are at work, but how can your work affect your fashion?


When it comes to large corporations or big companies, there is usually some type of uniform code, especially for those that work with the customers. Probably one of the most well known is the banking industry, although the managers are smartly dressed, those dealing with the public day to day are usually in a uniform. In most cases, the uniforms are not the most fashionable of garments, but they serve the purpose of promoting the brand you work for. However, there has been a shift in the way uniforms have been designed in recent years. Perhaps to appeal to a younger working population, uniforms are becoming more casual, with baseball caps and t-shirts replacing the more formal shirt.


In some cases, the need for workers to be safe far outreaches the need to follow fashion. For example, in construction, there is a need for clothing to provide some degree of safety. For example, hi-vis shirts and trousers are designed to help others see you on the site. Work boots such as those on are designed with steel toe caps and a reinforced sole so that nothing can injure your foot. Although the rest of the clothing can usually be generic, the nature of the job usually requires it to be hard wearing and easy to clean.

Office Work

For the most part, working in an office has not so much a uniform, but a smart way of dressing. It can be easier for a man in this respect as they will normally wear a suit, but for women, it can become a bit of a minefield. It has become even more problematic with many offices ditching the formal wear in favor of more relaxed dress code. It means that the choice of clothes you make can indirectly affect how people perceive you as a person.

Working from Home

For those lucky enough to work from home for the majority of the time, choosing what to wear is an easy decision. Some people have been known to wear their bedtime clothes while working while others like the process of getting into a type of work uniform. Even those people who receive customers at their home are often dressed in a more casual way then they would be in an office environment.

With so many jobs requiring some specific clothing, being individual in your taste at work can be hard. Perhaps that is why more people are choosing to do more with their hair and piercings so that they have a level of individuality.