How to Look Ultra Cute While Working In Your Garden

When you think of getting dressed up to go out, imagines of dirt, clumps of grass, liquid fertilizer and water likely don’t fill your mind. In general, people weary the rattiest clothing they own to do their gardening. A pair of gardening gloves can help to keep your manicure looking pristine, but there’s usually nothing you can do to prevent topsoil from getting all over your nicest cardigan. While will teach you all about getting your garden into tip-top shape, you’re kind of on your own when it comes to looking fashion savvy while planting petunias – that is, until now. Check out how you can totally dress to impress while you work in your garden, go for a run to the home improvement store, or relax outside after a hard day working in the sun.

Knee Pads Are a Staple for Gardeners

Some gardening jobs call for digging into the soil up to your elbows, while other days you will only need walk around and water your plants. In most cases, it’s your pants that get dirty first while you toil away in your garden. To prevent getting grass stains or mud all over your pants, you should consider wearing shorts and or add knee pads to your wardrobe. The most suitable knee pads for casual gardeners are made out of cloth. In other words, you don’t need to look like you’re getting ready for a round of roller derby to be prepared for an upcoming gardening job. Use fabric paint to add cute designs to your knee pads or get some funky fabric and whip up a couple of pairs to wear in your garden.

Breathable Layers

After working for a few minutes in your garden, you might start to get hot or cold, all depending on the current temperature. While you don’t want to wear your Sunday best, you can throw on a t-shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, and layer a plaid shirt over top. If and when it gets too hot, simply peel off a layer. Tuck long-sleeved shirts into your gardening gloves and you will be able to keep your clothing cleaner as well.

Wear Overalls

While overalls remain the choice staple of farmers, you should realize that it’s for good reason. Overalls cover your chest, making it difficult for your shirt to get sullied. Moreover, overalls can be styled with accessories to look very fashionable. Throw on some boots, tie a bandana around your head, and get to work in your garden while looking totally chic. You can also dress overalls up or down with ease. This is a staple item that all gardeners need to have.

Certain outfits aren’t really suitable for gardening. Dresses and skirts of any kind can leave you feeling exposed while more formal attire is prone to get stained. Wear clothing made from cotton that you can easily stain treat and always keep it casual and comfortable. Otherwise, you can accessorize layers and coordinate your gardening outfits to look stylish and unique.