How can you treat the cervical lordosis or text neck condition?

Cervical lordosis or neck curvature is a problem which arises if there is too much curve in the neck or if it straightens out or reverses too much. Necks usually have a curve to them but it can be a problem when there is a lot of curvature of the cervical spine. If there are any changes in the normal curve it can lead to several issues. The excessive curvature or straightening in the neck can lead to discomfort and cervical lordosis can occur as a result. It hinders with the neck movements and patients can also experience curving to the left or right of the neck.

The problem a patient with cervical lordosis faces includes postural changes, congenital conditions, and musculoskeletal conditions. People who usually have bad postures while sitting, working, and weight lifting can cause the abnormal curvature in their spine. There are people who are facing this issue since birth. A swayed back neck indicates that a person is suffering from cervical lordosis. There are also cases when there is some extra space between neck and the surface where a person is lying down. The patient is restricted to a range of motions and faces problem and pain while moving the neck. Upper back, neck and shoulder muscles become tens. If a nerve becomes trapped then other feelings of tingling and numbness can also occur in the fingers, hands, or arms. If the condition is left untreated the symptoms can worsen. However, Cervical Lordosis Treatment is possible and can be done while also maintaining some preventive measures.

People usually suffer from the problem because of texting or other postural issues. The prevention is truly important so that the normal curvature of the neck is not affected by it. While at work, make sure to keep frequent breaks, stretch and exercise a little to strengthen the core muscles of your body. While using mobile make sure you hold you phone to the eye level and people who use computers should keep their screens at an appropriate height as well so that their head can maintain an appropriate position. Those people who have developed text neck symptoms, should maintain a proper posture and take regular breaks for stretches. This is especially important for people who use cellphones excessively. There are special neck exercises which are prescribed by a healthcare professional. The fix also includes manual adjustments, massage therapy and cold laser therapy. These methods are preferable as compared to the medications or surgical procedures.

A highly recommended exercise is ‘neck rotation’. In this the patient is told to slowly turn their head left or right while holding for a couple of seconds. This gives highly best results in the correction of neck posture and relieves the neck tension as well. Another exercise is ‘neck flexion’ which involves bending the head down and holding it there for a few seconds before turning back to the normal state. Another exercise is ‘neck retraction’ in which the neck is slid forward or pulled backwards. Neck extension, neck side tilt, backward shoulder retraction, shoulder shrugs are also some other exercises which are important to maintain the normal position of the neck.