Tips for Air-Drying Your Hair

Air-drying is one way that you may be able to avoid the hair damage that can otherwise come about with blow-drying. With air-drying, rather than using any products that dry the hair, you instead allow the hair to dry by itself. Those with curly hair often use this as a way to get more defined curls and less frizz, while those with straight hair may do this to give their hair a break between blow-dries. Here’s how you can make it a more enjoyable experience all the way around.

1. Cleanse the Hair in the Shower

Air-drying won’t work as well if your hair already has dirt and oils on it. It’s best to air-dry after you’ve thoroughly cleansed your hair. For many people, especially those with oilier scalps who often use products, a clarifying shampoo may be one of the best options. Use a clarifying shampoo to strip that dirt and debris away from the scalp, leading to better air-drying.

2. Condition Both in the Shower and After You Get Out

Next, you should condition in the shower as well as after you leave the shower. Conditioning in the shower is important if you’ve used a clarifying shampoo – it gives your scalp back some of that much-needed moisture, which will help you avoid dryness and irritation. Then, especially if you have thick or curly hair, it’s best to add a leave-in conditioner to continue to pack in moisture. Those with fine and straight hair should use as little product as possible to coat the hair, avoiding applying it to the roots.

3. Brush When Wet

While you might immediately cringe upon hearing the suggestion to brush wet hair, it’s important to remember that this depends largely on your hair’s texture and thickness, and that brushing after the hair dries can cause curly hair to immediately frizz up. Remember to use a brush with wide bristles or a comb with wide-set teeth.

4. Style When Damp

Let the hair dry a little bit before styling; you shouldn’t be styling while your hair is still extremely wet, but you also need that moisture to retain the product and reduce frizz. The exact styling products you use may vary depending on your styling preferences. You can reduce your cost for styling products with an Ulta coupon.

5. Avoid Touching Completely While Drying

This can be one of the most difficult parts of air-drying. While the hair is drying, you need to completely avoid touching it. Don’t run your fingers through it, brush it, or generally mess with it. That’s because doing any of these things can cause frizzing and make your hair more difficult to manage once it’s dried. Wait to do any styling until the hair is fully dried.


Air-drying can be a great tool for your hair, especially if you regularly dry your hair with a blow-dryer or another tool. It’s important to remember that when air-drying, you still have to put work into the drying and styling process, and these tips are a great starting point for anyone who doesn’t air-dry their hair on a regular basis.