Styling Your Home for the Winter Months

It is that time of year again where we should start to consider how we can style our home for the winter months to ensure we feel warm and cosy. Winter is one of the most exciting times for fashion and interior designers as winter means more material, and more material means more options. However, many individuals can find it difficult matching so many different patterns and designs, which can leave houses becoming confused and chaotic. So, we have put together a few ideas that follow the current winter trends that are emerging in 2018/2019.

Traditional designs are taking the market by storm with industrial style products and furnishings making a comeback. One product that has been making a resurgence over the past 5 years due to its design and practicality is a stove fire. The country style design will always be popular during the cold months as there are plenty of practical products to keep houses warm, however no product will warm you up more than a stove fire. An indoor fire not only looks amazing in a house, pub or restaurant, the warmth will extend through the chimney breast keeping the whole house warm.

If you are wanting to fully renovate then one product that follows a similar traditional country trend is oak flooring. The beautiful rustic knots that oak flooring obtain will add character to your house that will enhance the warmth. It is believed that oak flooring is actually cold, however if you choose engineered oak flooring then you are able to install the planks on top of underfloor heating, which will feel amazing underfoot. You can contrast the materials beautifully using a lovely thick rug.

A shaggy rug is always a summer essential not only for the cosy appearance but for the practical benefits. Due to the thick material used, shaggy rugs will trap any heat in the room and slowly exert this heat to create a cosy atmosphere during those long nights in. It is important to view a rug in person before purchase as even though the appearance may be right, the feel of the product may be of low-quality material.

If you currently have a leather sofa then this may become very impractical as leather effectively repels the heat. Do not panic as there are a couple of options to resolve this issue. The cheaper option is to purchase blankets or throws that will cover the sofa during winter months and effectively turn the sofa into a fabric sofa. This will trap the warmth and also be very appealing when it comes to movie night. The second option if you have a large budget is to purchase a fabric corner sofa. A fabric corner sofa is a modern day must if you are wanting to stick with the trends. However, they will only look good if you are lucky enough to have a fairly large living room.

If you are wanting a quick fix to take your living room from Autumn to Winter in the matter of seconds, then simply replace the cushions. This is a subtle change; however, it works amazingly well as it changes the whole colour scheme of your room.