Style Trends For Grooms In 2018

Choosing the perfect life partner is a journey, and the joy of finding a lasting love needs is cause for a fantastic celebration.  Once you’ve conquered the task of picking out the most fitting engagement ring for your special someone, it’s time to move on to the real planning.  

Typically, wedding talk consists mostly of what the bride and her ladies will be wearing during the ceremony, but the guys deserve attention as well.  

Dressing to impress is just as important to some men as it is to most brides, and it’s important to get it right on your special day.  Take some time to check out a brief look into a few of the most popular style trends for grooms in 2018, and start planning for your big day today.  

Grooms wearing all white

Though none of your guests have the option of wearing white to your wedding, there’s nothing in the rulebook saying that the groom can’t wear all white.  In fact, all white tuxedos are in style.

Celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life with a pure white look, matching your life partner.  Just make sure there’s a plan for a wardrobe change before the reception. You don’t want to spend your honeymoon steaming out wine stains.  

Pastel tux colors

Pastel and blush colored groom suits are a popular trend this year.  Depending on the theme of your union ceremony, choosing a lighter color for the groom’s attire can highlight the true beauty of your perfect moment.  Say your vows with a bright ensemble, and invest some research in the possibility of a pastel or blush shade of fabric for your tuxedo.  

Two-toned tux jackets

Two-toned tuxedo jackets are one of the best ways to keep it looking fresh on your wedding day.  Make your colors pop with a maroon suit highlighted in black trim. The slick, clean-cut style will please your partner’s aesthetic needs as you swap vows in front of friends and family.

Preppy prints on pants and ties

Modern grooms are enjoying the freedom of funky, preppy prints on pants, accessories, and even a printed shirt under a solid colored suit.  For a more casual feel to your upcoming wedding, explore the possibilities of patterns.

Earth tone tuxedo styles

Earth tones are taking men’s groom styles by storm.  Gritty browns, grassy greens, and other natural colors will give your special day a calm, cool, and collected vibe that guests will appreciate.  

70s Inspired Paisley Ties

Once seen as tacky and terrible, the trend has cycled around.  Modern grooms are being bold with the busy tie styles to add a bit of spice to a traditional suit.