Style Tips on How to Wear Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks have made a huge comeback this season, which was a real treat for all the people who prefer comfortable footwear to heels. What makes Birkenstocks so popular is also the fact that they can be matched with various wardrobe pieces, and always look fashionable yet comfortable. Check out some of the amazing ways in which you can incorporate your favourite pair of Birkenstocks with the rest of the summer or fall wardrobe.

Match them with a blazer

A fancy blazer, matched with a pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt and a pair of Birkenstocks is the fastest way to get that chic yet casual look. Accessorize the outfit with stylish jewellery, a fashionable bag and maybe even a fedora hat, and dress up the entire ensemble a bit more. For a slightly romantic look, replace a simple t-shirt with a silk blouse, tuck it inside the jeans and look how the outfit shifts from casual to romantic in a second.

Go full casual

Nothing says casual like an oversized sweater, a pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of Birkenstocks. Alternatively, think about matching the sandals with a pair of black pants, a red cardigan, a plain white t-shirt and a cute bag for just as comfortable and stylish outfit. Overalls are making their comeback, and matched with a t-shirt, and a pair of Birkenstocks would make the perfect casual outfit.

Rock the unique look

Colder weather calls for warmer wardrobe, but autumn could still be the perfect weather to wear your favourite pair of Birkenstocks. Wear a casual dress and a warm cardigan, match them with a pair of knee socks and a pair of comfortable Women’s Birkenstock sandals to get the one-of-a-kind ensemble. With a fancy scarf and a chic hat, your outfit will be totally on point.

Comfy outfit is everything

If you want to go a step further, and make the outfit extremely comfortable and even more outlandish, throw a poncho over an oversized blouse and a pair of leggings. Wear a pair of warm socks and put on your favourite Birkenstocks for the flawless autumn outfit. With a cute beanie, you’ll be warm, comfortable and ready for fall weather.

Layer everything up

A sweater dress over a plaid shirt, or over a long-sleeved t-shirt will definitely keep you from feeling chilly in the windy weather. Wrap a jacket around your waist, put on a pair of warm fuzzy socks and match the Birkenstocks with the entire ensemble. A long chain necklace is all you need to make the outfit perfect. Speaking of layers, you can never have enough of them in the fall weather. Therefore, think about wearing a denim shirt over a sweater, and throw a leather jacket on top of it all. With a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, your Birkenstocks will complete a great outfit.

Simple yet adorable

If the weather is still warm, and the fall hasn’t taken over yet, think about matching a stylish kimono with a tank, shorts and a fashionable jewellery. A pair of earrings, a bangle bracelet and a long necklace is all you need to make the outfit chic yet adorable. A pair of Birkenstocks would go perfect with the ensemble, making it casual but still fashionable. Furthermore, they would go amazing with white lace shorts, a white silk blouse and a colourful jacket to balance out the white tones. Add simple jewellery for the ultimate feminine look.

Effortlessly chic

Summer is the best season to rock your favourite sandals, and matching them with a stylish maxi dress is particularly charming. Add an oversized hat, a pair of elegant yet cheap wrap around sunglasses and a stylish bag to the entire outfit for an effortlessly chic look. A long blouse tucked into a pair of printed pants could be the perfect outfit for various occasions, but if you add a pair of Birkenstocks to the entire ensemble, you’ll get that chic yet casual look. If you’ve wanted to show off your new jumpsuit in daytime, you can absolutely do it if you match it with a pair of Birkenstocks. It creates a casual yet fashionable look you aimed for. With a choker and a pair of earrings, this outfit will look fabulous.

Final thoughts

Birkenstocks could be matched with virtually any clothing item and still create a unique and trendy ensemble. Therefore, don’t think twice, invest in a pair of these wonderful sandals, if you haven’t already, and make every outfit comfortable but stylish.