Style Tips for A Student in Paris

When you’re a student struggling to get by on a limited budget, clothes may not score high on your list of priorities. But, do keep in mind that studying and living in Paris needs you to adopt a sense of style so you don’t stick out like a personification of grunge in a sea of class. To help you pick out the right wardrobe and accessories, we have a selection of tips you need to keep in mind when you go shopping.

Adopt a Signature Style

If you’re not quite sure about the look you want to project each time you step out of your flat or hostel, choose a basic look that combines comfort, utility, and elegance. Look around in Paris, the haute couture capital of the world and you’ll notice that a personal style takes preference above the latest trends. For instance, you might find the classic blend of the French beret, scarves, and striped shirts worn with black jackets and pants. Or, think about a vintage jacket thrown over a selection of smart T-shirts. Remember, a jean jacket, leather jacket, smart backpack, or maybe, even a leather satchel that can take all your stuff are all time must-haves for any student.

Choose Flattering Styles

Considering that clothing in Europe is notoriously expensive and flats typically have only limited storage space, it makes sense to buy a fewer number of pieces. But, make sure that every one of them fits you perfectly. Look for clean cuts, and chic, flattering styles that drape around you like they were meant for you. You could also check out the second-hand stores where you can often find many pieces that still have a lot of wear in them. Mix and match them, layer them when it gets too cold, combine textures and prints, and you can put together a wide range of sophisticated, stylish outfits.

Don’t Even Think About Cheap Stuff

Cheaper fashion is just that, cheap. It looks grungy, ill-fitting, and is not likely to last you very long. In place of buying and wearing out three pairs of cheap shoes in a year, it makes more sense to buy one excellent pair of expensive, leather boots and gloves that will see you through many years of wear. Learn to spot high-quality fabrics with great construction and finishing. Once you develop that discerning eye, you’ll be able to easily pick the pieces that will stay with you.

Collect Smart Accessories

Having a collection of smart, chic accessories is the best tip to add that special touch to any outfit. Sometimes, a great scarf (linen for summer wear) worn over an ordinary jacket, teamed with an amazing pair of sunglasses and flattering belt is enough to make a statement. As for colours, Parisians believe in the understated look so you might want to stay away from loud, garish colours and prints. Jewellery is welcome, but make sure it is elegant and enhances your outfit.

Some Other All-time Favourites

Here are some other all-time favourites that students cannot go wrong with. Think trench coats, skinny jeans or fitted leather pants, and a collection of oversize sweaters. When it comes to makeup, focus on the nude look with minimal colour and messy, wind-blown hair.

Let’s Talk About the Don’ts

Now that you have bunch of dos about how to dress in Paris, here are a few don’ts. Stepping out in a pair of sweatpants, or sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers is a definite no-no. That’s a rookie mistake most foreigners make.

We’ve saved the best tip for the last. The best outfit and accessory to have with you is confidence! Whatever you may wear, carry it with assurance and elan. That’s the most incredible styling secret of all.