Style Tips For Expectant Mothers

When you’re expecting, especially depending on how far along you are, shopping for clothes (or even putting clothes on) can be the biggest pain. OK, maybe that baby in your belly is the biggest pain right now, but you’re there, you know it’s the truth. Most days you want to wear a muumuu and stay in bed all day. Instead of doing that you can get some fun and comfy clothes.

Unless you’re on bed rest prescribed by your doctor it is pretty likely you need to leave the house, and often. And, unless your doctor makes house calls you at least need to go see him or her every once in awhile. That means you need some clothes, that fit, and that don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Here are some tips for finding the right clothes to cover your beautifully pregnant body. Use it every step of the way!

Get The Right Bottoms

Jeans are not going to be your friend once you start showing. You can get the ones with that stretchy piece of material in them, but if you’re not wearing a longer shirt with them that material is going to show, and even if you’re not vain you may prefer not to reveal such things.

One type of pants you can always get away with are some maternity leggings. You can wear them with longer shirts, short dresses, and even oversized shirts and sweaters. They are comfortable and never constricting (order them in an array of colors). Since leggings are stretchy one pair could get you through most of your pregnancy.

Cute Or Not?

Before you go to the maternity stores and instantly become overwhelmed you should decide what kind of look you want. Some moms love the cute baby doll look, some hate it. If you know what style you want you can easily avoid the sections of the store filled with the stuff you don’t want.

A pro tip- Consider visiting thrift stores too. Much like growing babies quickly go through clothing before it’s worn out or barely even worn, so do moms carrying those babies. You could get new or like new maternity wear for cheap this way.

Maternity Business Attire

If you need to work through your pregnancy, or most of it anyway, you will want to find some dressy clothes that you can wear to work. Even for expectant mothers, some businesses don’t allow leggings as work wear. Your best bet will be some of the mall maternity stores, which cater to people looking to spend a little more.


Your belly is getting bigger, you may need bigger panties. Pregnant moms are totally allowed to wear granny panties without any shame. You’re also going to need to invest in one or two great bras to wear as your body gets prepared to feed that little one.

You may not like investing a lot in a bra that you aren’t going to wear for more than a few months, however, you’ll want one that you invest a decent amount in if you want to avoid pain. Plain and simple.