Skin Care Tips For Men Who Want A Clear And Smooth Skin

It’s 2018 and men no longer have any excuses to have a dry, flaky and rough skin. There are as many skin products made specifically for men as there are for women. Before you rush to the store to pick any product, you should have a good understanding of your skin care needs otherwise you risk using the wrong product that further damages your kin.

You need to know whether your skin is oily, normal or dry and if you have an even or uneven skin tone and more importantly, you also need to understand the common causes of your skin problems and mitigate them.

Follow these skin care tips for men to have a clear and smooth skin.

Buy a quality face wash

Most men use body soaps to also wash their face but these soaps are too strong for the delicate facial skin and strips them of moisture and essential oils which are important in keeping it smooth and glowing. This makes the skin dry and flaky.

To avoid this, invest in a good quality face wash or mild soap to clean your face. Also, avoid using hot water which has a drying effect on the skin and instead go for lukewarm water.


Yes, your face can oil itself but it either produces too much or too little oil when it’s dry leading to skin breakouts. Moreover, dry skin is susceptible to cracking and also forms fine lines and wrinkles faster making you look older than you really are.

You therefore must moisturizer your skin regularly and especially immediately after a sower to lock moisture in. While at it, don’t forget to give your lips some attention since they also get dry and flaky when not properly moisturized.

Drink plenty of water

Even the most intense moisturizer won’t be as effective if you don’t drink enough water. You need hydrate yourself to maintain a healthy body and get a glowing skin.

If the taste of chlorine in your water dissuades you from drinking it, then get an Alkaline Water Filter to fix that and also rid it of other impurities.

It also pays off to cut down on your alcohol consumption and quit smoking. Smoking damages collagen tissues which are responsible for keeping the skin firm while alcohol makes you dehydrated, all of which are harmful for your skin.

Prepare your skin before shaving

Most of men’s skin problems are razor bumps or in-grown hairs which are caused by lack of preparation before shaving. Failing to use a shaving cream can lead to irritation which manifests itself as bumps. It’s always best to use a great shaving brush in order to ensure that your skin has been properly exfoliated and get the closest shave with minimal damage. There’s some great advice about this at Get Shave Advice.

Your choice of razor is also important in having a smooth skin. Go for razors with multiple blades since they give cleaner shaves with every swipe minimizing the amount of contacts you will make while shaving and also reduce the shaving time.

For your aftershave, alcohol-free products are better in soothing irritated skin and also leave it hydrated unlike alcohol which has a drying effect.