Perfect Gym Outfits for any Season

Of all the factors that affect our workout routines and quality of our training, the weather is the one that shouldn’t stop you from exercising. That’s why I’ve created this tiny guide that will help you push yourself to the limits (without being limited).

And, before I start (this goes for both genders): it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, your gym clothes should NEVER be washed out or torn, and your gym shoes should never seem worn-out. Just because you are going to be sweating a lot doesn’t mean you should look like a hobo. Save some money to get yourself some nice fashionable bodybuilding clothes and shoes.


Spring is, as we all know, warm, however not too hot. It can be tricky, but then again, it is the most perfect time of the year for working out. Here is how to dress for spring workouts.


Remember, you mustn’t let yourself be too hot or too cold. The best option would be a stylish polyester gym T-shirt (we all know that polyester is the best workout material since it draws the sweat at the outer surface), with a tailored sweatsuit bottoms (since it is still too cold for shorts) and a pair of nice gym shoes of course.


When it comes to girls, it is a very similar story. I recommend some long gym tights (again, since it is still a little bit cold), a sports bra with one of those cool tank bundles and gym shoes, of course. Make sure that your sports bra is super supportive,so as to have the best workout experience without any difficulties.


It is hot, hot, hot, and it is time to get a little bit more “exposed” (yay!)


There are two possibilities when it comes to guys, depending on your gym’s rules. If your gym allows being shirtless, all you’re going to need are your shoes and your shorts (since working out shirtless is the most comfortable and breathable solution). If your gym, on the other hand, has a “No-shirtless” policy, you will need your T-shirt, or your gym tank as well.

P.S. if you’re into street workout, don’t forget your cap!


Sadly, girls can’t go shirtless, but, they have something guys don’t have: sports bras! The best summer workout combo is definitely a sports bra and a cool matching shorts and your gym shoes. Go ahead and show off those legs and that tummy!


Now it is cold, but not too cold. Here is how to “weather” this season.


It is time to take those sweat suit bottoms out again and add a nice long sleeved T-shirt to them. Consider investing in one of those cool, updated, classic ones with a V-neck. Put your shoes on and you’re good to go.


Have you ever heard about crop gym pants? They are amazing. They allow you to work out with so much comfort, and they are going to keep you warm during this period since they are made of lightweight cotton. Combine them with your sports bra and a nice hoodie to keep you warm. That’s some cool breakdance vibe right there.


It is time for layering! The cold weather has arrived and we can’t let ourselves catch a cold while working out. Here is how to dress during the winter months.


You might wanna upgrade your sweat suit bottom by wearing some leggings under it if it is way too cold in your country during the winter. When it comes to the top part, get yourself a nice quality pullover hoodie to wear it over your T-shirt for a maximum protection from freezing. Not only do they look great, but they are also very durable.


When it comes to the bottom part, you can either opt for long gym tights, or full length varsity pants to keep your legs warm. When it comes to the upper part, make sure that your shirt (whether it is a tank top, a zip vest or a T-shirt) covers your entire back and belly, especially the bottom part. Add a nice jacket or a hoodie to your outfit and you are all set.

That would be it. Just make sure that you don’t forget your headphones (otherwise, how are you going to be playing “I’m a mother***ing beast” on a repeat while working out?) and your shower shoes if you are showering there. Work hard, train even harder!