Must-Have Fall Outfits

With the arrival of chilly winds, some rain and all possible shades of brown and orange, we can be positive that summer has passed and it’s time for fall to take the reins. Some people prefer to hold on to the summer vibes and keep dressing as if it’s still warm and sunny, while others rush to get jackets and sweaters as this is a signal that winter is coming and preparations are in order. Regardless of which group you belong to, the fact is that fall is a very fickle season and therefore hard for keeping up with trends. Anything is possible – from heavy rain and freezing winds to a warm day in the sun. This is why layers are fall’s trademark. Who says you can’t be trendy and layered at the same time? This is exactly the fall look for 2017.


All shapes and sizes cardigans are this season’s must-haves. Any fabric and color, as long as it contributes to the layered look. Not only are they extremely trendy, but they also keep us warm, especially the woolen ones. Regardless of the figure, cardigans look good on everyone. You just need to find your color and style. Some like simple designs, while others prefer patterns and various extensions.

Shredded clothes

Shredding things is so trendy this fall. Shredded jeans are old news, but still popular. However, why stop there? Shirts, stockings, dresses and skirts, anything can look good if properly shredded. This is good news for your budget as well, since you don’t need to buy new things, you can just shred your clothes. Since vintage and pale is still very popular, nobody will even notice that piece of clothing is not new. Be brave and take up some DIY combined with your own imagination – you’ll be amazed by the results.


Yes, you read it right – sundresses. Even if it’s cold outside and even if you wore them all summer, there’s a way to fit a sundress into a fall look. What are you waiting for? Get some fab summer dresses online, take some cool designed tights and a cardigan, combine them with gorgeous booties and you’ll be ready for your brand new and fabulous fall look. Once you try this combination, you’ll never want to take it off.

Large sweaters

This fall, we’re seriously stressing sweaters. The larger, the better! We should finally be able to enjoy huge cozy sweaters completely guilt-free. Tight jeans or leggings go well with these and considering it’s a very simple look, you can put emphasis on the shoes or the upper part, which means go nuts with your sweater designs or some unusual cool boots.


Fall is the best season for displaying your amazing boots. Whether they’re high or low heeled, ankle or knee boots, any will suffice. However, our advice for this fall is to get a pair of stacked booties in a color that will be the easiest for you to combine with most of your outfits. They are very popular and practical at the same time. Make sure they have a stable thick heel and that they’re as comfortable as high-heeled shoes could be since you’ll be wearing them almost daily.

Trench coats

Trench coats were invented for this season. They are stylish, elegant, but at the same time very practical and work great against rain and wind. There are models for every figure and investing in a good quality trench coat is something everyone should do. Make sure to pick a color and model that works well with your stacked boots, and you’ll be ready wherever you want to go this fall.

Regardless of the trends, there are some things that never go out of style. Those are the ones you should always have in your closet. So, when the time comes for new trends, you can quickly react and buy a few more items that will make you look super trendy that season. However, keep in mind that flu season is upon us and that being trendy is nothing without being healthy. In that respect, try to stay trendy and warm in the following days and everything will be all right!