Mixing Your Appearance with Your Lifestyle Choices

When it comes to fashion, no approach is one-size-fits-all. Every person not only has a unique personality, but they also have a set of considerations when it comes to their parents. What is your job? What is your family status? How much money do you have to spend on what look like? All these questions need to be answered before the riddle of fashion is solved on an individual basis.

One way to approach your situation is to think about mixing your appearance with your lifestyle choices. How do you approach fashion if you’re into minimalism, or if you’re going to recovery, or if you’re an athlete? Thinking about what you wear from those standpoints will help you make more logical decisions. And how about if you just want to appear as though you mean serious business?


In these days of disaster, tragedy, and loss, many people are thinking more about minimalism than they ever have before. What exactly do you need to survive? And this relates directly to people’s fashion sense. If you want to get rid of your stuff, you often have to start with your clothes. And that means following a minimalist fashion pathway. There are incredibly comfortable, stylish ways to do this, but it does take focus.


There is an intense amount of attention right now on people who are addicted to drugs. Then the sister conversation that goes with this is about recovery. When you think about addiction and recovery from a lifestyle and appearance perspective, you can get some ideas about how your presence can reflect your sense of personal peace. Working through recovery, you may find that a lot of your excess fashion accessories just fall by the wayside. You discover that you may be addicted to stuff just as much as you are addicted to a substance.


Athletes have a little bit easier of a choice when it comes to mixing their appearance with their lifestyle choices. When you buy cool athletic gear, you’re telling the world that you are healthy and competitive. Athletic clothing can be costly at the upper levels, which is another reason that athletes tend to have a particular brand that they follow.

Serious Business

If you’re in business, you need to look serious. This often means choosing a business wardrobe that makes sense in context. Men and women want to be taken seriously when they make decisions, especially if there is a lot of money or energy involved. Having the right fashion sense and pulling it off is a bit of a skill, and it is almost something that needs to be practiced or acquired over the years. Looking to examples of influential people will give you good focal points and ideas for yourself.