Men’s Fashion Tips: At Least These Clothes Right

When it comes to the topic of men’s fashion, every guy should at least get a few things right. At a certain point, it’s not even about being fashionable. It’s just making sure that you have a way that you don’t look unfashionable. You don’t want to stick out for not having at least a basic set of clothes that look appropriate no matter what the occasion. And that’s when having at least an understanding of the essentials makes such a difference as a guy.

Pretty much no matter where you live, how old you are, or what you do, there are a few pieces of clothing that you always need to know how to where. You need to have a selection of T-shirts. You need to have a collection of jeans. And you need to have a few pairs of shoes that you can wear. As long as you have some combination of those three prepared for pretty much any occasion, you won’t stick out as someone who is inattentive to details regarding personal parents.


Start out with the idea of buying some good T-shirts. Maybe you want to go with plain T-shirts. Perhaps you want to go with T-shirts that have the name of your favorite band on them. Maybe you have to buy T-shirts that are acceptable at work. The point is to approach this topic with intention. Don’t just buy something randomly. Buy it with a reason. You don’t want to end up wearing a shirt that suggests to the outside world that something is true about you when in fact it is not. You don’t want to signal to people who look at you any information that does not represent you. That’s why your T-shirt selection is so important.


Then there’s the matter of classic jeans. During all stages of life, a guy should know what kinds of jeans to buy. Fashion changes a lot, but the conventional way of wearing a pair of jeans so that you don’t stick out isn’t going to change very much. Spend some time trying on different brands, different styles, different lengths, different colors, and different textures. Find out what looks good on your body, and stick with it! Take some friends with you and get their critique, and then trust their opinions with your purchase. A good pair of jeans might be expensive, so expect to pay what they’re worth.


Buying women’s shoes is an art. Buying men’s shoes – not so much. Look through a few magazines and see what the everyman is wearing. Find a pair of running shoes, a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, and a pair of dress shoes, and then figure out which of each makes the most sense to you. Make sure that they are comfortable and that they don’t stick out with your other clothing options, and you should be good to go.