Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Brunettes

When choosing makeup, you first have to know exactly what your skin tone is, as well as your eye color and of course hair color. Women who have dark hair, in this case brown, probably have the largest amount of options when it comes to makeup colors. Why? It is simple – most shades complement the dark tones of their hair.

When it comes to brunettes, makeup of all colors seems to fit them. However, there are some colors and techniques that will compliment them better than others. Here is how to doll up your beautiful brunette self the right way.

The perfect foundation

Since brown hair has a lively character, your complexion should be evened out if you want to achieve maximum results. This is why you need to take good care of your skin. Make sure you follow all the tips for smooth and flawless skin. Also, use a quality primer like Dermalogica Hydrablur for example.

When it comes to makeup, in this case foundation, make sure you use the one that covers your skin well and doesn’t create a mask-like appearance. In other words, make sure you use modern makeup with cross-linked polymers that will evenly cover your skin. If your complexion has some imperfections, you can also use foundation to even everything out (know that yellowish tinge is best for reddish skin blotches).

Eye makeup

When it comes to eye makeup, brown and gray hues match brunette hair best. Also, if you are a bit on the bolder side, shadows with a hint of red or yellow (like mahogany or mocha for example) will also look great and make your eyes pop. But of course, the main factor is the color of your eyes.

  • If you are a blue-eyed brunette, opt for greyish light purple eyeshadows
  • If you are a green-eyed brunette, opt for camel-beige or mossy green eyeshadows
  • If you are a brown-eyed brunette, opt for khaki or brown-rose eyeshadows

However, if your eyes are often red, avoid eyeshadows with red or purple undertones. Instead, opt for ash-colored or brown shadows. Also, if you want to improve your overall appearance, never forget your eyebrow makeup. If your hair has a cooler brown shade, opt for brown hues with grayish tinge, and if your hair is reddish brown, opt for warmer or medium brown hues.


Blush is a very important makeup product for brunettes because it can do wonders for their complexion. Blush shades that seem to work best for brunettes are rose shades as well as the ones with brown undertones. Stay away from apricot or peach hues because they can give your complexion a lifeless touch and make you look a lot older than you really are. You should also be super careful when using orange hues, especially if your skin is not completely flawless.

However, feel free to go wild with bronzers – they will give your complexion a fabulous glow but only if you use them sparingly. Otherwise you risk making your face seem too shiny and a lot darker than your neck.


If anyone can rock fiery red lips – brunettes can. Bright red for example is a great color for you, but stay away from ones that contain strong bluish tinges. Also, brunettes look like a million bucks when wearing brownish pink and plum lipsticks. If you have reddish brown hair, you can go for terracotta or cinnamon lipstick shades. However, you should stay away from pearly rose hues. Why? Because they can reduce the liveliness of your beautiful brown locks.

That would be it. What do you think about these makeup tips? Do you have any tips you would like to share with us? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.