How to harness the power of ‘wearable paper bags’ as fashion items for your business

It may not be immediately obvious, but there are many people who are adopting paper bags into their fashion retailers. For many paper bags offer a better buyer experience by having their product delivered in a more quality paper bag. 

High-Fashion paper bags 

Paper bags have a more quality feel than their plastic counterparts, that’s a given. And it’s one of the many reasons why some of the more expensive stores on our high street. Some of the biggest fashion houses like Prada, Burberry and Louis Vuitton have all adopted paper bags in their store. 

Many consumers like the brand recognition of high-fashion paper bags 

Whilst many will view paper bags as a somewhat single-use product if you can create a brand that is prised by consumers they may start to view your paper bags as a wearable fashion item. 

Indeed, many high-end paper bags are being used as makeshift handbags, carrying anything from magazines, to bottles of water and even make-up bags. 

paper bags are being used to promote environmentally sustainable fashion brands 

Fashion and particularly the fast fashion industry has been criticised, as it is often viewed as wasteful. Selling irresponsibly sourced clothes and promoting a culture of ‘throwaway’ wear it once fashion. 

Zara is a company that is bucking this trend. Their pledge to offer 100% sustainable clothes by 2025 has been backed up by a renewed use of paper bags over their plastic counterparts. 

On top of the paper bags, Zara has also promised to offer products that are made of more sustainable materials. These will include organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

Zara is an example of a company who is making the most of the commercial benefit environmentally safe materials have for their business. Paper bags from this chain are now viewed as higher quality and are being increasingly reused on our high streets. 

Are paper bags the right choice for my fashion retailer? 

No, paper bags may not be the cheapest bay you can offer your customer, but they will improve your branding and the overall quality of your consumer’s buying experience. 

All paper bags, however, were not created equal. If you want to give the best one to your customers you need to find a supplier with a proven track record of delivering great products to their customers and clients.