When we speak of high-fashion fabrics, it is necessary to start from the adjective “immersive”, in the sense that their presentation, whether online or physically, must make buyers an integral part of the project.

The innovative fashion fabrics made by Carnet have always inspired, collection after collection, an idea of a dream, trying to imagine how these fashionable fabrics may one day become an exclusive garment suitable for special occasions.

In recent years, womenswear has been dominated by high-fashion fabrics which exalt slim silhouettes, with reduced volumes, and highlight the waist. It is a particular quality of innovative fashion fabrics – managing, thanks to their performance, to create garments which enwrap the female form, highlighting the perfect litheness of every movement.

These fashionable fabrics in the world of high fashion tell the tale not only of the quality of the raw materials used, but also the imagination and creativity hidden behind every creation.


What is striking, in reference to online high-fashion fabrics, such as those presented during the various fashion weeks around the world, is the extreme quality and creative elegance essential in creating a wardrobe of special clothes.

In this universe of high-fashion fabrics, in the Carnet collections, embroidery is mixed with prints, such as geometric or animalier patterns. These evoke an unquenchable thirst for freedom of expression typical of the fashion world. In this endless creative research, underpinning the innovative fashion fabrics, the key to understanding the beauty and exclusivity of these collections is contained in an extremely liberal view of creativity.

Despite the dreamlike atmosphere, Carnet’s fashionable fabrics do not shut out everyday reality, highlighting those elements which tell about life in its entirety, becoming the base not only for exclusive clothes, but also for garments which are part of a wardrobe for everyday occasions.

Confirming this adaptability of high-fashion fabrics is the colour palette which initially focuses on classic and reassuring tones, then making way for more audacious and striking shades which fascinate with an elegantly seductive attitude.


What Carnet has for fashionable fabrics is its historic savoir faire, which, through its collections for the world of high fashion, has provided a notable range of innovative fabrics over the years. This endless activity has made it possible to create refined interplay between colours and material, which always manages to capture the attention of all the followers of the world of high-fashion fabrics.