Here’s a List of Every Shoe Men Need to Have in their Repertoire

When it comes to male grooming, most will agree that that most men do not need to have about 20 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe. In truth, the bar is set much lower. Those interested in creating a lean looking wardrobe well-stocked with versatile varied pieces should try to have limited options.

In sum total, all one needs is five pairs of shoes, a very specific set of five that encompasses various shoe-qualities:

White Canvas Sneakers

In the fashion scene, white canvas sneakers are considered a must due to their great versatility. The shoes can be worn with or without socks. This means that they are just perfect for casual and warm weather situations. When one is engaged in activities like weekend errands, barbecues, beach trips, poolside moments and good old-fashioned relaxing.

When compared to the conventional shoe of choice, the brown leather flip flops most of us treasure, white canvas sneakers rank a degree higher due to their they style and comfort.

Light Brown Boat Shoes

While these shoes are definitely a step-up from the white canvas look, they are still considered casual. Incredibly, these sleek shoes can also be worn with or without socks. For best looks, light brown boat shoes tend to be paired up with other attire like chinos, casual jeans, and shorts. In terms of color preference, the tan and brown colors seem to be fan favorites due to their unique appealing look. Lolhit.Com offer insights that mention that since color is often a personal issue, one should always strive to ensure that they play around with the colors and become creative.

Rich Brown Loafers

In as much as boat shoes are simply perfect, they are not best suited in an office setting or in business casual environments. Rich brown loafers perfectly suit such occasions since they are incredibly easy to slip on and off, an important quality for one to have in their shoes when trying to get past airport security.

Amazingly, such shoes can fit in with any professional setting, falling just a notch below Oxfords. This is because while rich brown loafers are just perfect for a casual business look, they are not best suited for work. In order to really pull off the rich brown loafers look; ditching socks always sounds like a perfect plan. One simply needs to ensure that they do it just right.

Brown Wingtips

These horseshoes are perfect for the work scene. They blend perfectly with a number of office combinations including button-up shirts, jackets, and trousers. Incredibly, the shoes still look great even with the added luster of decoration. Instead of bright colors like cognac or walnut, darker colors seem to work best. The shoes also come in resole-able options to ensure that one makes massive savings when they’re looking to change up their look a bit.

Black Cap Toe Oxfords

While the color black doesn’t offer as much versatility as brown shoes, these stand out shoes are meant to be adorned on special occasions when one is looking to look good. To ensure that one gets the most out of these shoes, one needs to purchase pairs that are long-lasting and strive to ensure that they always stay polished in order to maintain their luster.