The Growing Traveller’s Allure of the Czech Republic

They sit, gathered around the common, makeshift dining area of the hostel, each munching on what is easily the cheapest food you’ll ever find, anywhere, sharing stories about life and exchanging some great ideas they’ve each developed to stretch their dollars as far as possible so that they can keep travelling for as long as they can manage. Of course I’m talking about so-called budget travellers or backpackers, but ask any of them where they’ve been or where they plan to go next and more than likely a mention of the Czech Republic will come up.

They’re really onto something here and, while it has a lot to do with the growing affordability tied to the Central European country, the reason why the savviest of travellers would like to be able to say something like they’ve enjoyed some fun at a cool night club in Prague is because of everything that represents. Digital nomads in particular (people who work remotely and use that unique opportunity to travel) indicate to be winning their battle against the chains of the corporate world if they can make reference to that time they went visit Prague, perhaps even spending a few weeks or months there.

So what does the wisdom of the quintessential digital nomad suggest to us with regards to their reference to a destination such as Prague?

In a nutshell it’s that pretty much every aspect of life that we would like to master can indeed be mastered in Prague, with discussions inevitably leading to the costs involved. It’s neither too cheap nor too expensive, making for just the right mix between the two extremes. To sum it up in one word, Prague is AFFORDABLE! “Reasonable” is perhaps another word we can use to describe this city which is just the right mix between being culture-oriented and a bit sleepy at times, and vibrant – as vibrant as anyone would like, in fact.

At some point in life if you’re a digital nomad you’re bound to have met someone who is either from Prague or has been there. What’s great about these people is that they have some genuine information to share, such as relaying the strategies you should use to avoid tourist traps and scams. Basically if you live like a local then you’ll be fine, which would entail something like going out and about during the day to perhaps prepare for what you’ll be getting up to at night. This can be interpreted in so many different ways, such as how you might go shopping in the afternoon for the outfit you’re going to wear when the sunset signals the kicking-off of the night time fun, or you could look at it from the point of view of someone going out into the corners of the city to source all the ingredients they’d use later on to prepare the day’s most eagerly-awaiting meal, dinner.

All of the everyday occupations of normal life play out in an environment which is created by a very vibrant urban street culture which I personally just enjoy being a part of by soaking it all in.