Who is a Fashion Consultant?

Let’s face it! Appearances are all that matter.

In any sphere of your life, personal or professional, you’re very likely to get noticed and gain that all-important edge over the competition with the right apparel, accessories, and grooming. A practical fact of life is that people assess you by the clothes you wear and let’s not forget that you gain confidence by dressing well. This self-assurance shows through in the way you carry yourself and the personality you project.

Given these factors, it would be safe to say that, in today’s world, being well-dressed may well be the ultimate ticket to success. That’s where a fashion consultant comes in. Professional fashion consultants help clients choose the perfect clothes and accessories to match the setting, occasion, and situation where they’re likely to be. They’re a part of every celebrity and idol’s team, and often travel with them to the events they attend.

How Does the Fashion Consultant Help You?

Fashion consultants are experts in the field of dressing. They’re artists who are also in touch with the latest trends and can guide you on what to wear. Their services can help clients project an attractive and smart image. Here’s what they do:

  • To begin with, counsellors first spend time with their clients understanding their lifestyle, particular tastes, comfort levels, and the particular arenas where they need to put their best foot forward.
  • They will also take the time to go through the existing wardrobe, editing what needs to be discarded and kept.
  • After picking out the usable pieces, they’ll show you how to mix and match them with new purchases so you have a selection of whole new looks.
  • Fashion advisors advise you on what new items to buy that are appropriate for your body structure, skin tone, age, designation in life, personality, and profession. They are happy to accompany you when you go shopping and help select the right kind of apparel and accessories. Rely on the experts for assistance in creating a wardrobe that is smart, stylish and fits perfectly with the persona you’re looking to portray.

Where do Fashion Consultants Work?

Aside from working with celebrities and the elite, fashion consultants are often hired by designers to help them create great couture. You’ll also find them in retail stores where they help shoppers select the items of clothing and accessories that look perfect on them. Fashion advisors may work as a part of leading fashion consulting firms that people may hire. Or, they may work as individual professionals helping people get a complete makeover like the kind you see on reality shows.

Positives of Working with a Fashion Consultant

Given that most people wear only 20% of their wardrobe on a regular basis, it makes sense to make the other 80% work for you also. Here are the advantages of getting advice from a fashion counsellor.

  • Many people face the issue of having lots of great pieces in their collection, but lack the fashion sense to co-ordinate them properly so that they look stylish. Fashion consultants can guide you on what pieces go well together.
  • Choosing the perfect look for a specific occasion can be a challenge for most people. For instance, you’ll need tips on the right shirt to wear for the presentation that looks professional, but has an understated appeal that does not draw attention away from what you’re saying.
  • As you age and your personal and professional circumstances change, your wardrobe and dressing sense also needs to evolve. For people who are clueless that the look they adopted in college is completely out of place at work, a fashion consultant’s guidance is a must.
  • The training they have allows stylists to work with your existing collection and budget constraints to help come up with a look that is trendy, smart, and sophisticated.

The most significant positive that fashion consultants can give you is a look that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Their expertise can change your outlook towards life just as a whole new dressing style can ensure you success in whatever endeavour you take on.