Dressing Up is Fun with Movie Costumes

Movies are the stuff of dreams. People love to go the movies and watch as a story unfolds. Many of the most famous movies feature iconic story lines and characters that remain memorable even years after a performance. Movies offer the opportunity to get away from ordinary life and embrace something special. Many movie goers can recall nearly all the lines from their favorites. Even a single line like, “bye Felicia,” can enter the public conscious and remain lodged in there as a touchstone that others can refer to and instantly understand. In life, movie fans look for ways to have fun emulating their favorite movie characters. 

Putting on a Costume

Costumes have been popular for centuries. People love dressing up and stepping into another role in life. Today, it’s easier than ever before to take an iconic movie role and literally wear it. A movie costume makes an ideal thing for special occasions such as Halloween or for a dress party with friends and family. You can design your own movie costumes with a bit of creativity and some sewing skills. You can also choose to purchase or rent a movie costume from a store. When looking for such costumes, you’ll want to think about a few things before you decide to rent or buy. Details such as the size of the costume, the fit and the ability to have others recognize the costume once you’ve put it on are very important. 

Deciding on a Character 

Memorable characters are memorable for many varied reasons. Some are memorable because they are villains. Others stick out because they have a distinctive style of talking or because they die during the film or make you laugh. Think about why you happened to like a certain movie character. Then think about what you have in common. A good costume should fit well with your personality and make it easier for you to assume the role of the character. A good costume should also have details that help instantly identify the character to someone else the first time they see you wearing it. 

Fit and Size 

If you are very tall or very short, you’ll want to make sure the costume fits you from head to toe. It should not too baggy or too tight. In many cases, a few details can really make a difference. A pair of rabbit ears, for example, can really nearly instantly call Bugs Bunny to mind the second you put them on. Costumes can also work in a group as well. For example, you and your friends might want to go as characters from A League of Their Own. The movie centers on female baseball players. If three or four of you wear the same woman’s baseball costumes, you’ll all instantly call the movie to mind when people see you together at a party. This is a good way to go with friends and be the center of attention at your party.