Diamonds on the Runway: Fashion Week Jewelry

Fashion doesn’t only showcase clothes, jewelry is a big part of it too. Fashion and jewelry have worked hand-in-hand to create the best looks of the century. It’s no surprise that diamonds are one of the most popular jewelry items out there. There have been so many trends throughout the years and its time to welcome the new one.

Diamonds have been flaunting themselves on the runway over fashion week. From earrings, link chains, and necklaces, diamonds are dominating. The question is, how do you find the best piece to wear?

What are the most popular diamond trends for 2020? Which diamond jewelry should you look out for? What more can you expect from diamonds in the fashion industry? Learn more when you read below.

Trending Diamond Jewelry on the Runway 

Check out this year’s trendiest diamonds on the runway. Take your pick on which one is your favorite. Learn more about how diamonds can make or break an outfit.

Coral Earrings With Diamond Accents

Coral earrings are those fitted with carious stones and diamond accents. These stones can be pearls or sometimes yellow diamonds. The design imitates the form of branches spreading its “leaves” downward. The style creates a dramatic effect as the diamond adds sparkle to the earrings. The gemstones give more shade and color to the earrings.

Paper Clip Chains With Diamonds

Diamonds are all the rave indeed. Paper clip chains are long and sleek chains linked together. Their design resembles that of a paper clip, a simple yet interesting style. These chains are then adorned by diamond pieces, either as accents or the centerpiece. It’s a piece of fashion jewelry set to define 2020.

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Pearls are a hit this year and what better way to highlight them than using diamonds. Pearl hoop earrings have also hit the runway. These are hoop-shaped earrings set with small diamonds situated all over the metal. In the middle of the hoop sits the centerpiece which is the pearl. This jewelry is very transformative and luxurious that is a sure conversation starter.

What’s Hot in the Fashion Week Jewelry Trend

Runway collections bring together designers from all over the world.  This is where they showcase the future trends of the season.  A lot of the designs focus on bringing more color and statement, especially for earrings. The combination of varied gemstones with diamonds seems to be taking the top stop. Modern diamond fashion is all about mixing, matching and looking exciting.