Contribute to My Fashion Blog

Hi, this is Louis LeBeau and I am a designer living and working out of Paris. Being absolutely passionate about fashion, I am looking to create a community of people who are ardent aficionados of the couture world. With that aim in mind, I am inviting all you fashion buffs out there to come join me and contribute to my blog. Do you have fresh ideas of the newest trends coming up in clothes? Would you like to share your views of some of the best fashion concepts that have come up? Or, maybe, you would like to share information about some little-known boutique somewhere that sells the most amazing of accessories? Write and publish your post here.

I am very interested in hearing about your ideas and experiences. And, of course, if you’re a budding fashion genius who’s looking for exposure and feedback on some of the concepts you’re developing, my website, is the perfect platform to do that. Put your ideas together and submit a guest post to my blog. Go ahead and send it over to me through the form at the bottom of the page. You don’t need to be an expert designer, nor do you need to be a seasoned writer. I will take care of all that for you. Pull out a document and write what you have to say. You can even add sketches that you’d like me to see. But, before you get started, please read my directions below.

Length of the Guest Post

Make sure the length of the post you send to me is at least 600 to 800 words long. If you’re not quite there yet, take your time and collect a bunch of ideas. I am very interested in posts that are packed with lots of detailed information that readers love to sink their teeth (well! eyes) into. And, do make sure to add images and drawings of your designs. Readers would be interested in seeing your concepts come alive.

Response Time

Once you send me a guest blog, please give me time of about a week to 10 days. I receive lots of blogs everyday and I prefer to read each one in detail before I send you my thoughts on it. I might get back to you and ask you to make certain additions depending on what my readers like to read. Please remember that it’s honest feedback that you’ll find very useful and not intended to take away your confidence. I want to help you grow.

Contact Information

When you write for my website, please also remember to send a short bio of yourself talking about your dreams and what you’re looking to accomplish. A smart image would also be great. If you’re not comfortable stepping into the limelight just yet, that’s fine too. Send it with the next post after you’ve assessed the response you get from the audience.

Editing Rights

Please remember that I reserve the right to make certain changes in your work to present it better to my readers. Of course, I will not change your concepts. My edits are only intended to tweak the posts so readers find it more appealing.

How Guest Blogging Helps You

If you’re wondering if you want to do this, you absolutely should! The fashion world is an amazing place. It’s glamourous, dynamic, exciting, and fun. And, it’s constantly evolving with new stuff happening everyday. However, it’s also intensely competitive. If you need an edge over the competition, the best way to get it is to contribute to my blog. If you write for my website, I can help you display your talents in the best light possible. It’s also the perfect way to get exposure for your own website if you have one or for your social media pages.

Topics I Need Content For

If you’re not quite sure where to get started, pick out a niche from the list below that excites you and write and submit a guest post to my blog.

  • Fashion Events and Parties
  • Fashion News
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup Tips
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Haircuts for Men
  • Men’s Accessories
  • Men’s Clothes
  • Men’s Footwear
  • Product Reviews
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Haircuts for Women
  • Women’s Accessories
  • Women’s Clothes
  • Women’s Footwear

The Steps to Follow

Ready to start? Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Choose a topic that you feel passionate about. Create a title about what the post can be about and send it to me. I will take a look and let you know if it can work. Or, if you’ve already written something, send it over.
  2. I will let you know within a week or so if it has potential. I might also you to make a few edits.
  3. When I am completely confident of your blog, I’ll post it and send you link.
  4. Share the link with your friends and family and establish yourself as an authoritative writer on the specific topic you’ve chosen.
  5. You could also post the link on your social media pages.
  6. Try titles like: “10 Smart Scarves Seen on the Streets of Paris”, “Trendiest Boots for Campus Wear” or “How to Choose Bags This Season.”

Sounds exciting? It is! So, go on, write and publish your post here. Use the form below to create your entry and send it to me!