C’est Ma Vie

Style Me Louey is the brainchild of Louis Lebeau, a fashion consultant residing and working out of Paris. Think Paris and instantly the image of gorgeous men and women wearing the most elegant of ensembles that perfectly match every occasion comes to mind. However, to Louey, as his friends call him, fashion is more than just beautifully designed clothes and carefully coordinated accessories. Louey understands that for every individual, fashion is all about expressing the persona inside. It’s all about projecting the magnetism of the person wearing those amazing outfits.

Perhaps, this factor is what sets Style Me Louey apart from all the designers and fashion studios. Louey designs clothes that match every wearer’s thought processes and the attitude he or she wishes to project. This is why, his real-life models carry his couture with such flair and elan. Every one of his concepts is available for viewing on his website: www.stylemecoture.com the online store for designer clothers created for real people.

About Louey

Louis LeBeau is one of the top designers of Paris and has been creating high fashion since 2005. Louis is divorced and devoted father to Ashlee, his daughter. He spends his weekends indulging in her and joining her in their favourite activities. Both father and daughter love the country and being around nature. So, weekends are typically spent on enjoyable getaways with Ashlee riding horses, a much-loved hobby.

Designing for Singers

Close to a fourth of Louey’s clients are professional singers and entertainers. Many actors, actresses, and stage performers also rely on him to create stylish and up-to-date outfits for them. Louey understands that an important facet of performing on stage is the costumes. Couture for singers and stage artistes needs to blend with the show and songs. It should reflect each character and song being sung. But, at the same time, it should lend comfort and ease of movement. Yet, be eye-catching and riveting just as each singer and his or her art is.

When wearing Louey’s ensembles, singers are confident of their integrity and the fact there is never any possibility of wardrobe disasters and malfunctions. Louey also has the expertise to make the costumes easy to change and evolve with every performance within a few seconds.

Designing for the Creme de la Creme

The elite crowd makes up the bulk of the clientele of Style Me Louey. His creations grace the red carpet of many prestigious events and are seen embellishing the stars of the city in restaurants, nightclubs, and just about any glitzy do. While each of his outfits is unique, it is also distinctive with a particular signature that is always recognizable as Louey’s. For any kind of event, the only designer that comes to mind is Louey. That’s because, when he creates fashion, it is carefully molded to perfection around the wearer. Whether or not they have the perfect curves or the body structure, Louey can transform them into divas.

The Couture of the Future comes Alive at Style Me Louey

Shoppers and fashionistas browsing through Style Me Louey are struck by the intelligent designs, sleek lines, attention to detail, and small touches that add refinement and taste to every selection. Every high fashion item is a work of art by itself, a characteristic that clearly talks about what the future of fashion is going to be. When Louey designs apparel, all eyes are instantly on it because it is certain to rule the world of fashion as the next big thing.

How Couture is Created

Louey is a highly talented, dedicated, and passionate designer, a facet of his personality that shines through when his clients interact with him. With his dynamic personality and charm, he instantly sets everyone who meets him at ease. Clients can spend time with him talking about the particular event they will be attending and their expectations of the personality they wish to project. Louey takes his time understanding the individual more than any other facet and then designs the perfect ensemble that is smart, sophisticated and utterly breathtaking.

Visionary, stylish, artiste, trendsetting, charismatic, Louey is all that and more. And, his designs and attire reflect these qualities that transform all his clients into celebutantes.