Bring Natural Colors into Your Home

Choosing the perfect color for your space can usually be quite a task. It all depends on your preferences as well as your overall indoor space. However, you can never go wrong with natural colors. As we all know, there is no person in this world who doesn’t feel calm surrounded by nature, and that is exactly what we want for our homes: to feel safe and calm. Here is how you can easily incorporate natural colors into your home.


The easiest way to change the appearance of your entre home is by painting your walls. You need to find a suitable color which will fit a particular room best. If you have a small room, and you want to make it look bigger, use lighter colors such as dead grass, meadow, cloud-white, moss green, taupe or bluish-green. If you, on the other hand, have a bigger room and you want to make it seem a bit cozier, opt for colors such as deep charcoal gray (the most dramatic natural color which will give your home great elegance), brown, clay or any similar hues.

Also, remember that the color you pick at the color store won’t look the same in your home. This mostly depends on your lighting. Before you paint your walls, make sure to try the color out first. You can do this by painting a tiny part of your wall and waiting for a few days.


This part depends on your budget. How much money are you ready to spend? You don’t have to buy new furniture – you can find great upholstery fabric and upgrade your old one. Other inexpensive ideas include painting your wooden furniture pieces in dark tree brown or ivory to give your home that super luxurious modern vibe. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns.


A nice set of oversized green or brown pillows for your white couch, or cork or ivory ones with discreet patterns for your dark couch are going to make a huge impact and give your room a luxurious appearance. Opt for 24-inch ones for a maximum comfort.


They are the best accessories. Not only do they look fabulous, but they also add warmth to any room. It is a win-win scenario, really. And of course, they can be a great way to hide the flaws on your floor, if you don’t have enough funds to repair them.

Opt for a fuzzy area rug in a subtle light color if your floors are dark, and any color if your floors are light. It all depends on your interior. The color you can never go wrong with is definitely ivory.


This is the part where you are almost literally bringing the nature in. Opt for paintings of natural elements such as woods, flowers, sea or desert depending on your interior colors.

Add some life

Have you ever heard about indoor gardens? Of course you have. But did you know how much freshness can they bring to any space? Here are a few tips on how to fit a mini indoor garden in your space and really bring some life into it.

Plants in jars

Save money you’d usually spend on buying pots and repurpose your old dishes.Your old jars are now going to become super stylish decorative pots for your plants. Your options are limitless: from tea pots over beer and wine bottles all the way to jars, you can use whatever you like. Style them with some ribbon and glitter if you wish, or just leave them the way they are and fill them with dirt and plant seeds.

Vertical garden

This is a great option for all of you who are lacking space. These are also called green walls and living walls. They look gorgeous and they are really beneficial since they can purify your indoor air and prevent dramatic temperature oscillations that can cause your walls to crack. They can also act as natural insulators since they keep the air in the room cooler during warm months and warmer during colder months.

If you are planning to build one of these, consult your local garden specialist who will tell you which plants should you use. If you want to purify your indoor air, opt for bamboo palm, aloe vera and azalea. Next thing you should do is consider which wall are you going to use (you have to make sure it receives the right amount of sunlight and humidity) since you will have a lot of shelves and plant containers to arrange. It is a complicated task that needs a lot of planning.

Bringing nature indoors will instantly brighten up the space and will have a calming effect on everyone. It is time for us humans to reconnect with the nature once again, and this is definitely the best way to do it.