Assemble Your Spring & Summer Wardrobe

Spring is almost there are the days are getting longer and warmer. You start to feel like those sweaters, winter coats and other clothes made of thick fabrics are becoming just a bit too hot. It’s almost time to put them away, although we suggest you keep them around a while longer. But it’s also time to assemble a new spring wardrobe and summer wardrobe. Before you run to JustFashionNow or any other clothing shop, read about some essentials that you must have in your wardrobe this season.

Cardigans and Jackets

Days might be warming up, but the evenings are still a bit cold. You might want to put something around you what covers your bare arms when the sun goes down. A cardigan can do the trick. they are made of various kinds of fabrics so chances are that you can find some cardigan that fits the weather. March and May are still fickle when it comes to weather so keep one in your bag or within arm’s reach for when the sun disappears behind the clouds. If you’re wearing a dress you can opt for a thin jacket that you can cover yourself with.

A Summer Dress

Nice weather asks for a summer dress. There are a lot of different dresses so there is always at least some kind of dress that flatters your figure. And they come in various lengths such as maxi, midi or mini. A summer dress should be loose rather than tight since tight clothes only contain heat while loose clothes allow a bit of wind to pass through. The fabrics that you chose should be airy. If dresses are not really your thing, you can also pair a skirt with a shirt or top if that’s what you prefer.

Functional T-shirts and Shorts

Although you can keep a thin chino or pair of jeans for chilly weather, in summer you’ll mostly wear clothes that keep your arms and legs bare. Shirts, shorts and dresses are indispensable if you don’t want to heat up too much. The top can also be a blouse, T-shirt or tank top. The most important thing is that the shirt is sleeveless or has some short sleeves. In the evening, when the weather cools down, a shirt with ¾ sleeves are a good option or you can add one of the aforementioned cardigans.

Tunic and Leggings

Another option is combining a tunic with tights. It might not be an essential part of your wardrobe but it can be a nice change if all you wear are shorts and shirts. A tunic is a middle between a shirt and a dress and you can combine it with either a legging or some skinny jeans.

Sandals, Wedges and Slippers

Those winter boots and lace-up shoes are becoming a bit too warm. It’s time to move on to open shoes. Sandals are ideal when your feet start to burn whenever they become a bit too hot. Sandals and wedges are the way to go. One benefit of these shoes is that you won’t have to wear those hot socks. keep the occasional sneaker around for chilly days.