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Style Me Louey is one of the leading online stores for the trendiest of fashion in Paris. Owner of the website, I am Louis LeBeau and proud to let you know that we receive organic traffic of more than 10,000 visitors a month. An ace designer, I am passionate about couture and welcome aspiring talent to showcase their skills on my site. Accordingly, I invite guest posts from all the young people out there looking to display their creative concepts. My website is a dynamic community of people that are totally enthusiastic about fashion. And, presents a world of opportunity for you to showcase your products.

My design studio, Style Me Louey caters to the elite crowd of Paris and also singers, stage artists, actors, actresses, and other performers. They rely on my skills for the most sophisticated of apparel that they can wear for their shows or for the red carpet, most happening events of the season. My clients believe in my expertise and recommendations when it comes to accessories for both men and women. Of course, my website displays the couture I create for them and that makes it the go-to place for people looking for information on the latest and upcoming styles in clothes and accessories.

As manufacturers and designers of accessories, if you’re looking for the ideal platform to advertise your products, Style Me Louey is the place to be. I am offering ad space on my pages that not only show images of my creations worn by the who’s who of Paris, but also articles and blogs on fashion updates and predictions for the coming seasons.

Developing Assistance

I understand that as producers of accessories, you’ll want your products to be placed in eye-catching spots where they are certain to attract attention and clicks. I can get my development team to help you pick the most interesting spots. You can also work with them to choose the perfect size and dimensions of the ad. Like for instance:

  • Rectangles
  • Leaderboards
  • Banners
  • Skyscrapers
  • Buttons
  • Non-standard

Content Ads

As a designer, I understand the value of backlinks that you can get from content and guest blogs. I accept well-written, top quality, highly authoritative posts that talk about fashion from an expert point of view. I also allow you to add ONE backlink along with relevant keywords and key phrases that will help your post rank well with Google search engines. Not only can I get my development team to assist you, but I will take the time to check and edit each post so that it is interesting and provides value to my readers.

Choose from Website Ads

At the Style Me Louey, we display ads of different kinds so clients can choose the ones that best match their business and the products they sell.

  • Animated Ads: These adds include movement in the form of text and animation in the Flash and .GIF formats so they’re hard to miss and instantly catch the eye.
  • Interstitial ads: These ads have the most potential to catch the viewers’ attention because they follow them as they move from page to page. The longer visibility time is sufficient to evoke curiosity.
  • Video Overlay Ads: Well-designed and interesting ads that have the relevant keywords can catch the attention of viewers easily. Only remember that when a visitor clicks on them, you have only the first few seconds to hold attention or he or she is likely to move on.
  • Banner Ads: Interactive videos, messages, text, large or small images, or any other attention-grabbing media can be placed on banners to evoke interest so visitors click on them.
  • Expanding Ads: These ads display their full size and the complete information in them only when the viewer moves the cursor over them.
  • Text Ads: These are the most trustworthy of ads and site visitors are very likely to click on them.

Do keep in mind that you can place cookies in your ads to collect customer information. Feel free to contact visitors again when they’re looking for products similar to what your business offers. Of course, you’ll only pay for the ads that get clicks and traffic to your website.

For more information about the pricing policy and other terms and conditions, go ahead and fill the form below. I will get back to you with the best rates I can offer you.