A brief look at the new Gucci x Comme des Garçons bespoke paper bag

You would be forgiven for thinking the humble paper bag was purely a functional item with little thought of the design and style, however the second stage of the Gucci x Comme des Garçons collaboration is adding a touch of designer flair to the bespoke paper bag market. The new bag is yet to be released to general sales however demand is forecasted to be very high. 

What does the new bespoke paper bag look like? 

The new bespoke paper bag from the collaboration has an understated feel with the classic trademark design of the two brands. The Gucci colours are used throughout the design with intricate detailing along the outer shell of the bespoke bag. On that the outer shell is not paper at all, it’s transparent plastic. This adds stability to the design and protects the inner paper layer. 

Both logos feature on the main area of the bag. A floral print has been used on the laminate exterior of the bag creating a nice overlay effect on the paper embossed Comme des Garçons logo. 

Why have they spent so much money on the paper product? 

Some theorised that the move was strategic by the brands to appeal to more environmentally fashion-conscious consumers. Recent times have seen an increasing number of fashion companies entering into collaborations with each other. They have realised that appealing to two sets of customers is great for their business and helps to build anticipation. 

Matching the right collaborations can be a challenge. Brands have to factor in price range, languages, locations, and positions in the market to work out if a collaboration will lead to a spike or severe drop in demand. Given the rapid increase in collaboration, it was only a matter of time before they made an appearance in the 

The design and development of the bag look set to pay off with the product retailing for about 595 dollars. With the high forecasted demand keen shoppers will have to ensure they are vigilant and in Tokyo next week if they are to get their hands on this interesting bespoke paper bag.