6 Gifts for Special Events

Special events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, can be the toughest times to find gifts. What could possibly be special enough to commemorate this occasion for one of your nearest and dearest? Online shopping is a great way to browse all your options without taking too much time out your schedule, especially on Nomination Italy, where you can search many different brands, knowing that quality is guaranteed with every single one. But before we get into where to find it all, here are six gift ideas for special occasions:

1 – A photo album

Giving someone a photo album is an age-old, but nonetheless great, way to show someone how much they mean to you. Compiling special memories for them, especially if linked to the occasion in hand, if often the perfect gift to give.

2 – A watch

There is something timeless and classic about giving a watch as a gift. Usually watches cost a little bit more money and require a little bit more careful thought; if you want someone to wear something every day, it must be perfect.

3 – A photo frame

Like the photo album, this gift is one that beautifully captures memories. However, the difference here is that the frame itself must be carefully chosen to match the home of the recipient. There is also only one photo on display – so choose carefully! However, the right frame always incredibly well received.

4 – A day trip

Sometimes an experience or gesture can mean more than a physical gift. Consider buying them tickets to see a show they’ve been talking about or take them out to the new restaurant in town. Even better, plan a party to celebrate the special occasion.

5 – Bake them something

If you have skills in the kitchen, perhaps making a gesture by baking a cake, or cooking their favourite food would go down well! If you have less skills in that department, you can specially order and personalise an edible gift instead.

6 – A link charm

Jewellery is the perfect gift for any occasion, but link charms are a way to make it truly special. By picking a link charm that speaks to you and your loved one, you are making sure the gift is beautiful, personal, and unique. There is an amazing array of link charms available online at Nomination Italy, all made to the high standards that are upheld throughout the company. What’s more, once giving this gift, either you or the recipient can keep the magic alive by adding more charms, perhaps on another special occasion.