5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Party

Plan Your Guest List

As simple as it may sound, making sure your guest list is air-tight is crucial to planning the perfect party. Make sure you’re inviting guests which suit the party, and politely chase up RSVP’s to make sure your list isn’t padded out with people who aren’t actually planning on turning up. Whether you’re hosting an event in your own home or partying in a rented venue, make sure the guest list suits the scale of the location; don’t go inviting three hundred people to a function room designed for one hundred



Parties can be intimidating, and the stress of planning the perfect outfit can put people off attending in the first place. Giving your party a theme helps people to organise themselves, and gives the party a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. Make sure the theme suits the occasion, however! Common themes like the Roaring Twenties, Casino Royale, or Letter-of-Choice are great for reunions and New Year’s events. Even choosing something as simple as a dominant colour for your party will help your guests decide what to wear, making everything easier and ensuring more people turn up.



No party is complete without decorations! Cheap and cheerful are balloons, flowers, and a glitterball. If you’re looking to splash out then many venues will be able to help you contact professional decorators to spruce up the room for your party. This option is great if you’ve chosen to apply a theme to your party, as professionally themed décor can really help your party to stand out in the guest’s memories. If you’re on a budget then consider choosing a theme based around decorations you already have on hand from older events.



There are a host of options available for entertainment depending on your needs. Weddings and other major events will benefit enormously from a great DJ – though engaged couples should be aware that the often exorbitant costs related to weddings apply here as well; expect to pay more for a wedding DJ! If you’re looking for something more romantic, you can splash out on a function band for your wedding. For events with children, clowns, magicians and other entertainers will keep the younger ones entertained during the day. If you’re partying on a budget, just taking the time to curate a solid playlist can do wonders for your evening’s entertainment.


Food and Drink

This is the most crucial of your party ideas to get right. Buffet-style food is always a hit at parties – folks enjoy picking out staples like sausage rolls and assorted sandwiches. Saving money on the food also gives you more space for the bar, which is sure to endear you to your guests. Depending on the venue, your entertainment can extend in to your food and drink budget, with novelty chefs and talented barmen making a demonstration of their skills for your guests. Sit-down meals for fancier parties are a must, so take the time to taste everything that you’ll be serving and taking in to account the allergies and preferences of your guests will save you a headache later on.