5 Fantastic Storage Tips For Children’s Bedrooms

Before you start decorating or reorganising your kid’s playroom or bedroom, make sure you keep their needs in mind. It’s a good idea to always involve them from the beginning instead of thinking of going around them. Keeping this in mind helps in creating a child-friendly space that is both organised and fun.

Although these rooms may easily look and feel disastrous, there are a few fantastic storage tips you can use to help transform the room from cluttered to organised in a few hours. Here are five genius storage tips to guide the way.

1. Work with your kids from the beginning

As mentioned earlier, it is important to work with your kids. Kids often get excited to participate in some things around the house. Since it involves their bedrooms, it would only be ideal to involve them.

When you involve them in the decluttering process, you will be instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility at the same time. When you’re done, they will have a better understanding of what should go where.

2. Take advantage of stack crates

You probably have some old crates and boxes lying around in the garage somewhere. These boxes and crates are ideal shoe storage solutions, especially for children’s shoes and toys. You can either stack them up or lay them on the side to serve as cubbies.

You can also paint them with vivid colours to keep their rooms bright and lovely. It would help if you asked them what colours they feel should be in their rooms before painting them.

3. Get a fun and functional laundry storage

 It’s hard enough to teach your kids to keep their clean clothes folded away or hanging neatly on wires, let alone properly discarding their dirty laundry. They may not necessarily use the laundry storage, but the fun and functional bins will increase these kids’ chances of putting their laundry away.

4. A bed with shelving storage is also a good idea

A kid’s bed that comes with some extra storage space is a fantastic way of maximising space in your children’s room. When they are not playing with their toys, you can safely store them in the storage spaces. However, you may want to make sure that the bed feels fun too. Kids like it that way.

5. Try repurposing old items

Since your kids will always need storage even when growing up, it may be a good idea to go for something that will last and age with your kid. This means that you won’t have to keep buying items to replace older ones in the room. Therefore, it helps save their room a lot of space and saves you spending more money every time you want to replace something that they outgrew. For instance, getting a floor lamp and an ottoman may be a good place to start.