4 Things You Should Never Wear on a First Date

While first dates can be stressful, it doesn’t mean you have to let your nerves get the best of you.  You may be thinking about a million different things at once, from whether she may turn out to be the woman of your dreams, to whether you may have a terrible time and be anxious to leave.

The anticipation of it all can throw you for a loop when choosing your outfit. Since first impressions are important, it’s in your favor to dress to impress.  After that, it’s all about letting your winning personality take center stage.

Next time you find yourself looking in the mirror trying to piece an ensemble together for a first date,  just make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes.

Flip Flops

Put your hands up above your head and don’t move.  Step away from the flip-flops. I repeat. Step away from the flip-flops.  Your flip-flops are great for a day at the beach or walking within a block away from the house in a pinch.  They are not date-appropriate shoes.

Rather than opting for a beach sandal which screams that you clearly didn’t put much energy into your outfit, go for a shoe which shows you put time and effort into your outfit.

More likely than not, she’ll be wearing a nice pair of shoes which she chose carefully.  Do her the same favor and put a little effort into the feet department.

Your Work Clothes

Even though your date may be scheduled right after you get off work, you should never show up wearing your uniform.  You may give her the wrong impression about where your priorities lie.  Even if your career is really important to you, so should your relationship.

Bring a change of clothes or schedule your first date for a better time when you have a minute between your work shift and meeting up.

Way Too Much Cologne

Even though you might love your cologne, it’s not guaranteed that she will, or anyone else within a five-mile radius.  Even if the commercial you saw which convinced you to buy the cologne made you believe women would be lining up around the corner, sorry, but not everyone loves strong scents.

You’re better off going light so that it’s not too overwhelming.  If she compliments your scent, you can plan on going a little heavier the next time you see her. Start small and build your way up or down.

Athletic Gear

Nothing says “I don’t care what I look like” the same as showing up to a date in sweatpants.  When in doubt, just don’t do it. Forget it. Unless your date is at the gym, wear street clothes, please.