4 Steps to Mastering Baby Hairs for Yourself and Others

Baby hairs are an important part of many people’s hairstyles. If you’re interested in starting to style baby hairs, whether your own or someone else’s, you might be worried about whether it will be a difficult process. Although baby hairs can seem very complicated and confusing, the process can be described in just four steps. Here are the four steps you need to follow if you’re trying to master the art of baby hairs.

1. Brush the Baby Hairs Away From the Hairline

First, take a toothbrush or a dual-edge brush and comb and brush the baby hairs out from the hairline. Think of this step as the opposite of trying to tame flyaways. When you’re taming flyaways, you’ll want to brush the hairs up into the rest of the hairstyle. When you’re doing baby hairs, however, you want to brush them away from the hairstyle, creating a distinctive part between the baby hairs and the rest of the style.

2. Apply Gel to the Baby Hairs and Work It In

Next, take a styling gel, like Got2b styling gel, and work it into the baby hairs. You want to make sure the baby hairs are completely coated, as the gel will not only protect the baby hairs, but also ensure they all stay down to the skin. Additionally, it’s typically best to do only a small section at a time to make sure parts of the hair don’t dry before you’re able to get to them.

3. Start Styling Baby Hairs With Your Fingers

Your fingers are going to be some of the most important pieces of this whole puzzle. While your brush will be a great way to move the baby hairs to the general area where you want them, you’ll need to use your fingers to press the hairs into place and make sure they have that defined swoop that’s so popular. Don’t be afraid to really get into it with your fingers and define where you want the baby hairs to go.

4. Wrap Hair With a Silk Scarf

This last step helps protect your hair while you allow the gel to dry. A silk scarf, also known as an “edge wrap” or a “laying scarf,” will protect your edges and allow the gel to dry completely, cementing your baby hairs style. Plus, silk scarfs are extremely good for delicate hair, and many people sleep in silk scarfs to ensure that their hair doesn’t sustain damage when they sleep. This last step will help you avoid any issues as the gel dries.


Although they’re very elegant and can be extremely complex, the basics of baby hairs are astonishingly simple at the end of the day. If you’re interested in getting the best look for baby hairs, whether you’re looking for yourself or for others, it’s a good idea to get the basics down first. This four-step guide will help you figure out the basics so you can move on to more complex options.