4 Reasons to Use Bespoke Ties for Your Junior Sports Club

Looking at ties for your junior sports club? They’re a great way to bring the team together, but there are also a whole host of factors you need to take into account. Regardless of style and colour, here are just four reasons why you should go bespoke.

  1. Parental Pride

Let’s face it – junior sports club ties are provided more for the parent than for the kid. That’s fair enough since the parents will be paying the fees, and they like seeing their kids dressed up smart in team finery. By providing bespoke ties, you show parents they are getting their money’s worth, and you increase the sense of pride they have in the club itself.

  1. Community Spirit

Of course, it isn’t only the parents that benefit from providing custom ties. The young members of your team may gripe about wearing ties for the odd formal occasion, but they’ll still enjoy receiving them and becoming part of the team. There will be nothing else like your team’s bespoke tie. Owning one will be a sign of belonging that kids can keep for decades. Plenty will probably end up as treasured childhood items.

  1. Perfect Size

Sizing can be difficult for a junior sports club. Depending on the age range, older members who have hit their growth spurts are going to tower above younger late-bloomers. Going with bespoke ties means being able to dictate the right size to meet a variety of needs.

  1. Easy Reordering

Most sports teams experience a reasonably high turnover rate as certain people move on and new members join. However, it’s a whole different ballgame when you turn to children’s leagues. Whole groups will move on and join up as they either grow too old or enter the right age bracket, which means you’ll need to know that new ties are just a phone call away. When you opt for bespoke ties, your order will be logged with the supplier. All you need to do is call up and say how many more you want, and there’s no danger of finding the new ones slightly different from the old.