3 reasons to get custom woven badges and patches

You may remember these little patches or badges from the days of brownies, cubs, scouts or guides and look bag at them with a fond memory. But you may not know that they are very much still used all the way through adult life in ways you didn’t previously know. Here are 3 reasons why they are still relevant and just as (if not more) important than they were when you were a bit smaller.

  1. Great ‘Removable’ Uniform Solution

As an alternative to embroidering uniforms with logos and such, you can get custom badges/ patches made and simply sew them on instead. This means that you can get a great consistent uniform that is of high quality. The patches can then be removed and changed if your logo or design changes at any point.

  1. Save Time and Money!

Badges and patches are great way to save money on getting t shirts printed or replacing all outsized uniforms. It is also a much cheaper option than getting shirts embroidered.

  1. High Quality and Long-Lasting

As well as all of the above, woven badges and patches are generally much better quality than embroidered designs and will last much longer. This means they make the perfect choice for business, clubs, forces etc. when they have a large number of uniforms to roll out and maintain.

To make your own custom badges and patches , get in touch with James Morton now and see how they can help you design the perfect badge of patch for your needs.