3 Celebrity Wedding Ring Trends To Follow

If you’re ready to start picking out engagement or wedding rings, you may be looking all over the place for inspiration. While some people have their dream wedding ring picked out since they were young, others aren’t sure what they want. One place that can be a great starting point is seeing what your favorite celebrities are wearing for their engagement or wedding rings. Sydney custom wedding rings are also worth checking, especially if uniqueness is what you’re going for. 

Rounded Shapes

Many modern stars are choosing to have their engagement and wedding rings in a more rounded shape. According to Lauren Eggertsen, a contributor to WhoWhatWear.com, pearl or oval-shaped center stones are becoming more and more popular with celebrities these days. These shapes are a little less traditional, which makes them more eye-catching and sought after by those who consider themselves to be trendsetters. Celebs like Cardi B and Sophie Turner currently have more pear-shaped gemstones as their center stone, while Kate Middleton has a more oval-shaped ring.

Colored Gemstones

Along with having an interesting shape for your center stone, you might also want to consider getting a colored stone. While crystal-clear diamonds are definitely the norm, you can get colored stones that are all over the map with their tints, tones, and shades. According to Karen Birney, a contributor to The Vow, many celebs are getting stones other than diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings, opting for materials like Morganite or Tanzanite. So if you’re wanting to get a ring that really speaks to your own unique personality and can, without a doubt, be recognized as your particular ring, you might want to follow this celebrity trend by adding some color to your ring.

Three-Stone Settings

Arguably the most popular recent bride around the world is Meghan Markle. This new princess’s ring plays with the modern idea of having just one larger stone in the center of the setting. Rather than going this route, Katie Stow, a contributor to Elle Australia, shows us that Markle chose to keep things classic by wearing a three-stone setting. If you were to choose a similar three-stone setting, you still have the option to make the ring your own statement piece by picking the exact cut that will best work for you. While Meghan chose a cushion cut, there are plenty of other possibilities for cuts that will still make your ring unique even with this royal inspiration.

To help you keep on trend with the current styles of engagement or wedding rings, consider using the tips mentioned above to see what the stars are wearing and get some inspiration for your own ring.